Friday, September 11, 2009

Barn Party!

Friday night we had a Spartan pasta dinner! It was the night before our first official race of the season, so we got together for a little carb-loading, pep talk, and some capture the flag!

I set up 15 tables and 100 chairs under the pole barn... there were NOT many empty seats!! Wow, have we grown over the last 3 years! As I realized how many people were coming, I got nervous about not having enough food. Like any good southern lady, I doubled the amount of pasta I was planning to make and recruited a few more moms than I had planned... What could be worse than running out of food? :)

Guess what's for dinner for the next two weeks? Spaghetti. Ha ha... I put it in freezer bags, and we can have it once a week or so for the next 2 months!

Some of our boys' team

Marshmallow throwing girls!

Thanks to all of the Spartan parents for bringing food, getting kids to practice each week, and even running with them!

Wow- this was my view when I stood up to give our pre-race "pep talk." That's a lot of Spartans! After playing games for a while, everyone called it a fairly early night. We had to get a good night's rest for our first 5K the next morning!

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