Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mom's dress

Are you a sentimental person? Have you ever caught a whiff of something and had a flood of memories rush upon you? An old perfume, perhaps? I recently smelled some tick/chigger yard spray, and I immediately thought of spending time with my grandfather each summer!

When I think about my mother during my younger years, I remember her in this dress.
Mom, me, Hillary, dad

My grandmother made this dress for my mom, and she wore it as her "house dress." Whenever it was cleaning day, my mom was sure to be in her blue anchor dress with hair pulled back in a bandanna. Mom wore this dress a lot, and I always thought she looked so beautiful in it. The way it just slipped on and wrapped around seemed so intriguing and fashionable! The fabric was worn and soft; such a comfort to a shy little girl!

I found a picture of her wearing it at my sister's first birthday party! (Mom did explain that this was taken after an all- day garage sale! Rather funny, if you know my mom, to think of her wearing a house dress to a birthday party! It gives me hope!)

Years ago, I spied the dress hanging in the very, very back of my mom's closet! I took it home, determined to make a house dress for myself. This was about the time I started wearing aprons, and I wanted a comfortable dress that would make my aprons look cuter! Sounds silly, I know, but an apron over jeans and a t-shirt just isn't the same as an apron over a cute dress!

One problem: I had never just made a dress without a pattern, and this had darts! It has been in my stack of projects for a long, long time. I had talked about it to many people, and I finally decided just to go for it.

I took apart the top, traced a pattern off each piece, and sewed it back together. It is now hanging in my sewing room! I made a practice dress out of scrap fabric (bombed the first try...), got it right, and then made a real one! I made the bodice too short, so I had to improvise a waist band. I can fix it for next time, though. It turned out pretty well, and it is very comfortable! Ta Da!


Em said...

CUTENESS! I'll take 5, please. One for each day of the week. : ) Great job, my talented friend.

Julie's Journal said...

That dress is beautiful!! I also like your Sherman Days post. You were amazingly fast!! I'll see you tomorrow:)

Lynn said...

Heather! How precious memories are, and what a wonderful tradition to be handed down to your girls! The dress is adorable! Love it! Kelly wants me to place an order! Thanks also for hosting the barn party, my boys said it was great!

Emily said...

How darlin'! and I see it's in your favourite colour . . . :)

Meal Planning with Connie said...

Love the story and the dress is adorable! Of course, you would look too cute in anything!!

Lots of love!!

Hugs to the kids for me!!

Roan said...

Well that is just the cutest dress I have ever seen. Does it inspire you to want to clean house?
Thanks for the fabulous barn party and my surprise!

Sheri said...

Heather - You are precious and amazing! You are beautiful in your house dress! I did love that dress. If it would still wrap around me I would wear it again!

Courtney said...

Too cute! You could always sell some. I'd buy! :)

Erica said...

How neat! That dress is absolutely adorable! You are so talented!

Seriously, you could sell them!!


Hannah said...

That is so CUTE, Mrs Heather!!

Nathan's blog said...

Wow you look the same in that picture (If the one I think is you is you).