Monday, March 2, 2009

Painful Decision and Josh-ism of the day

Since I ran the half marathon at the end of January, my calves have been very sore. In fact, over the past few weeks things have gone beyond sore and progressed to injury. When I finished my fifteen miler a few weeks ago, I had to hobble around for a few days, and by that Thursday I could tell that my leg was borderline injured. I took a week off and stayed in spin class, and it started feeling much better. In fact, it only twinged when I walked, and I NEEDED to get some kind of long run on Saturday... so I did what every sensible runner would do... I ran 10 miles.

Look where my common sense has gotten me! I am typing this post with my leg stuck down in a kitty litter bucket full of mostly ice and a little water!The ten miles put me back to where I was before I took a week off... maybe a little worse. Scott hates to see me "gimping" around the house, and he has extracted a painful (literally) decision from me. I am not going to set my mind toward the full marathon in April. Instead, I am going to let my leg heal and hope to be in good enough shape to run the half.

I realize that this is a no-brainer for most people, and the angst I am suffering might seem a little silly for some people. I realize it comes down to pridefulness... being too proud to quit, being proud in thinking I don't want to run if I can't run well, being too proud to realize maybe my joints just don't need to undergo 26 miles of pounding... even if it IS something I have always wanted to do!

Anyway, I hope that if I take 2 weeks off running and spin class (limping and spinning are aggravating my I-T band), I will still have a good 6 weeks to get back in shape for the half.

JOSH-ISM for the day: I told the boys to settle down and quit acting like wild indians... Josh responded, "Mom, we are not wild indians, we are wild white men!"

Josh-ism/confession of a grouchy mama for the day: (I have my foot in the bucket of ice still) Josh just said, "Mom, when you are hurting, do you get aggravated?" My reply? "Yes, Josh, PLEASE get away from the bucket!"


Anita said...

Sorry about your injury. I don't know how you can keep your foot/leg in a bucket of ice as cold as it is today!!

We have used MUS through geometry. Hoping to get Jordan through Algebra 2. We are not math people, but the Blassingame's are and they use it as well.

Roan said...

Oh Heather! I am so sorry! I can completely understand how you feel. Last summer I sobbed uncontrollably in my car after the dr. told me no running or even walking beyond what was necessary for 6 weeks. And this was during the 5K season. However, as you know, the 6 weeks rest did me good! I slowly started running again and you know I finished my first half in Dec. 6 weeks is plenty of time for someone in your condition to prepare for the half. Hang in there! I have set a personal goal of completing a full before I am 50. (I am 39). What do you think? :) Sam has to be much older before I can even think about training. But who knows, my body may not be up to the pounding either!
Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

O.K. Lets see if I can post an anonymous comment.


Anonymous said...

YES! This comment box is giving me fits! Glad you're feeling better. Enjoy your company. I better get supper, I think Les asked Jennifer & Caleb over.
BTW-I'm feeling a little off today. I hope that stomach bug isn't getting around.