Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catching up

Last Friday night our good friends Anthony Mathenia and Hannah Wright were married. It was a beautiful ceremony, the first in our unfinished sanctuary. Who knew that a construction zone could be so wonderfully transformed into a wedding chapel, sparkling with Christmas lights and fragrant with fresh flowers?! Hannah looked like a picture from an antique postcard... very classic and beautiful! I just saw that Anthony has updated his blog with pictures and all, so check it out for more details!

Because of the wedding, some of our friends from Ohio were in town. I have mentioned Kurt's blog before... My friend Tobey is such a sweet blessing to me, and I always look forward to any time we can spend together. I am thankful that the weather cooperated while they were here; we all got to enjoy some good spring sunshine! (our kids and the Strassners)

On Saturday, my girls and two friends threw a surprise birthday party for their friend Catherine. Josh tried his best to ruin the surprise, but fortunately, she never got the hint! The girls had gone to great lengths to decorate, bought snacks with their own money, had a cake, and everything! Catherine was really sweet and appreciated all of their hard work. They finished the afternoon off by "swimming" (really wading) in the creek and playing in the mud! Gotta love a Mississippi girl!
(Ruth, Hannah, Catherine, Sarah, Sarah)

Speaking of Mississippi... something very funny (well, it is funny now) happened the other day. Scott was on the tractor discing up the bottom field, when the tractor hit a boggy spot. It skidded and then got stuck. When Scott was trying to get it out, something happened and it just sank!

Hannah exclaimed, "Wow! I have never been taller than a tractor before!"

It was that bad.... we had to call a tow truck to pull it out!

Today we have Ellie and Isaac here visiting (Anthony and Hannah's children) for the day. If I had to pick one word to describe Ellie, it would be exuberant. She has an endearing personality... I have already heard (in the last 3 minutes) about her trip to her Mimi's, falling down the stairs at the Blassingames', throwing up in Ethiopia, and how much she is looking forward to giving Hannah big hugs and making cookies with her in the little house! Precious!
Isaac tends toward the opposite end of the spectrum. Apparently, he is not this way at home, but at our house he is usually very contemplative. For example, he has (in the same last 3 minutes) been meticulously studying individual cheerios before eating them one at a time. He is a cuddler, though, and I don't get enough of that anymore! (Ellie, Hannah, Isaac)

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Anonymous said...

Oh My! That tractor picture is priceless.
Hannah D & Sarah R have apparently been a little mischievious, I hear;o) Silly, Naughty Girls!

I'm jealous of your Ellie & Issac time. Enjoy their sweetness.