Sunday, March 31, 2013

This week and Happy Easter!

This week was a nice second spring break for us.  The boys spent most of the week with my parents in Memphis after last week's Mito-What 5K.  Scott, the girls, and I kept busy doing various random and mundane things.  

Tuesday night was the annual CHENM Father/Daughter Banquet.  This evening is the main reason we pay dues and join CHENM each year.  The girls wouldn't miss it!  The fathers and daughters have dinner, get a photo made, and play games together.  Here is the photo of our photo...

This week was also peak mileage week.  It is Sunday afternoon, and I still have 13 miles to run by tomorrow afternoon in order to get to my 50 miles.  

Saturday I went to Corinth, MS to do my last long run before Boston with the "Lunatic Fringe" group, led by my coach, Kenneth Williams.  He backed me down from 22 to 20 (thankfully), and I had a great run on their HILLY highway!  There was no heat, and there were no horseflies... but there was humidity (it was very, very foggy!) and it was definitely hardcore!  

When I got home from my long run, it was pouring rain.  The Johnson's annual egg hunt had to be cancelled, because outside was a hot mess.  Roan invited us to go ahead and come visit and have supper, so Hannah and I hurried to Walmart (in the rain on the Saturday before Easter- not smart) and then we spent the evening at the Johnsons.  The kids had a mini-egg hunt upstairs, and we enjoyed getting to visit with everyone!  

Happy Easter, everyone!  He is risen!  He is risen indeed!  
We got a few family photos before and after church today...  and then after a great resurrection sermon, we had Easter lunch here with friends from church.  

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