Saturday, March 16, 2013


Right around the time of the feast, I took our van in to have a tune up.  The service manager sat beside me and told me I would need a shoulder to cry on... It was very bad news indeed.  Our '03 honda had 250,000 miles and was finally too broke to fix.  

We began researching vehicles, decided on the Nissan Quest, and began researching for a good deal.  

Meanwhile, Hannah was preparing for a MAJOR adventure!  I will have her be a guest poster soon to tell you all about her DISNEY CRUISE TO MEXICO AND THE BAHAMAS!!!  Scott's sister Stefanie invited her to go with their family on vacation this year.   What an amazing opportunity!  We got her passport, my mom took her shopping for some summer clothes, and I took her to Atlanta to begin her journey!  We didn't get to talk much while she was gone, but Stef did send me this picture one day while they were on a snorkeling excursion... 

While Hannah was cruising the Bahamas, we found a van that fit our price range and requirements.  I drove to Huntsville, AL with the intention of purchasing it.  After bursting into tears in the salesman's office, he gave me the price we had agreed upon via phone conversations.  (Well close to the price... )  It seems our Honda wasn't quite the trade in they had expected.  BUT, I told three different people our van was in BAD condition.  Next time, they should ask for details.  Here is our new ride...   

I am completely a soccer mom now... blogging about my sporty mini-van... what next?!   

When Hannah and the Millers returned from their cruise, we met them in Ocala, FL.  Scott's PawPaw was in the hospital, and we all really wanted to see him.  Atlanta was half way there, Scott was beginning his spring break, and we figured it was a good time to make a trip.  After visiting PawPaw and having lunch together, the Millers went home to Atlanta, and we all headed to Dunnellon.

The Rainbow River in Dunnellon is my happy place, and four years is too long to go between visits.  In fact, if Scott's dad decided to retire there instead of here, I would be the first one packing suitcases.

It. Is. Beautiful.

AND, it has something else going for it... family!  I always enjoy spending time with the Florida Duleys.  The kids LOVE their cousins, and it warms my heart to see them all running around together and having such a good time.

There is no substitute for family.  We all have issues, but we are still family, and we shouldn't take it for granted.  You know, that whole blood is thicker than water thing...

As I mentioned, four years is way too long to go between visits, and so this was our first time to meet Katie and Brian's little girl, Kennedy.  Above are Hannah, Mattie (holding Kennedy), and Sarah.  It was also our first time to meet Becky, Jack's little girl... who is TWO!  And it was our first time to visit since Jack and Jackie have been married!  Sheesh, that makes me embarrassed just to type it.  

 The kids spend the few days we were there playing around Aunt Connie and Uncle Billy's dock, fishing, playing capture the flag, kayaking, and swimming.  Garrett tried to give Hannah a few fishing tips (above)  and she finally did catch (AND KISS) a little bitty thing, before tossing it back into the river!

 Here are the cousins playing on the dock....

The adults had a good time visiting as well.  Katie and I made Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls, and they were YUMMY.   While I kept an eye on the kids, Scott and Uncle Billy went to see PawPaw again, we visited with Uncle John and Aunt Lisa some, and we got to be there for Aubrey's birthday party!

Our Florida visits always go by too quickly!  

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Anonymous said...

So glad I got a chance to meet you and your wonderful family while you visited Connie & Billy. Your children are so well-mannered! You and Scott have done a great job as parents, and it was a pleasure to meet all of you.
Cindy (Connie & Billy's neighbor)