Saturday, March 16, 2013

Out to Pasture

Things around here have not been too crazy lately, which is kinda nice.  Aside from the travelling in the last week or two, we have been at home.  

The Boston Marathon is only one month away, and I have been TRYING to stay consistent with my training.  It is difficult, because even though I want to be a great runner... I am a wife and mama first.  

And things come up.  And I'm pooped.  And a twelve mile tempo run sounds about as impossible as climbing Mt. Everest.  

However, for the most part, I really have been "in the black" more than usual.  Today I got to run with my friend Roan for part of our long run.  We both had 20 miles, but she started earlier and ran the first 9 with our other friend Lynn.  We met and ran her last/ my first 11 miles together, and then I thought I would try to pick up the pace a bit.  

Humble Pie was on my lunch menu.  

I need to re-evaluate my time goals for Boston, I am afraid.  That 2012 New Orleans Marathon just took the tuck out of me, and I haven't bene the same since.  My last 9 miles were between 7:45-8:04.  That's great and everything, but I don't think I could have done that for 26 miles.  Seriously.  I have 8 miles tomorrow to get me up to 40 for the week, then 44 next week, 48 the next, and a taper!  

I plan to keep training, keep sticking (for the most part) to my plan, and I guess we will see what happens.  THEN, I am going out to pasture.  For real.  My feet need a break.  I might do some P90X or become a power walker.  Who knows!  I would like to save up and get a bike or a pool membership... we will just see.  

Speaking of out to pasture, Scott and the boys have been RESOURCEFULLY working on a fence for my front yard.  Yes, I realize this likely solidifies any redneck impressions you might have of our family.  And those redneck impressions would be correct.  BUT, I have been wanting to fence in my front yard for a while now... for two reasons.

I will start with the less embarrassing of the two.. A fence around our front yard provides a defined area to work in and make pretty.  I would like to combine vegetables and pretty landscaping to make an attractive and functional space.  Too bad I have no idea where to start with that...

The second reason is to keep the goats and dogs out.  Our azaleas and firepowers have been eaten down to almost nothing.   There are always little goat turds on my porch.  And the dogs think my verbena makes a soft bed on a starry night.   I truly think a pasture fence around the front yard will eventually be more welcoming than goat turds on the porch and squashed/ eaten landscaping!  

Back to the resourceful part... Scott went and found cedar trees which were down on our property.  He cut them into fence post lengths, and then split them in two.  It makes a beautiful post!  And they were free!  

He also used Goat wire left over from the goat pen last spring break.  One day down the road we will go over the top of it with fence boards, but for now it works fine.  

And now, SURELY.... SURELY... I can get grass and tomatoes and flowers to grow in this area!  Less orange... more green, that's the goal!  


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