Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring 2012

This spring has been busy.  Although I turned in my resignation to BMC, I have continued to coach the team until a replacement is found.  I thought that I would be through by March, so of course I took on responsibilities... and now the spring has been spent doing more rather than less.  

In addition, we have spent a lot of time at therapy for Will's arm.  He can now straighten it out all the way, but he is still working on touching his thumb to his shoulder... something we take for granted!  

Here are the brief highlights of the last few months:  

My friend, Kenneth Wiliams invited me to the RRCA coaching convention in Memphis.  We got to have lunch and listen to Chris McDougall, author of Born To Run.  

The Spartans got to participate in a track meet at Briarcrest High School in memphis.  Sarah and Olivia are sitting on the infield...
 Sarah is below on the far left, finishing the mile.  She ran a 6:34 mile as a 6th grader!  Hannah convinced me to let her be a "spartan fan," because she was worried about not being competitive enough.

Here is Chewy, our new dog.  He has grown so much since we got him, and he is officially a coyote killer!

This year we got to attend the annual Easter egg hunt at the Johnsons' home.
 They had a special guest from Zimbabwe, and he also enjoyed the afternoon.  He wanted a picture with all of the children after the egg hunt, so everyone gathered on the back porch.
 Here I am with Roan and Esther...  we were discussing our upcoming Disney marathon trip in January!

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