Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gatlinburg Day 2

We woke up Thursday morning and loaded the bus to go run.  Not too far from our campsite was an entrance to the Smoky Mountain National Park with a long stretch of unpaved road suitable for running.  After a nice, long run, we were thankful to have coffee and a healthy breakfast waiting on us at the campsite.

After visiting and hanging out at the campsite for a while, we loaded the bus again... This time to go white water rafting.  Big Creek Expeditions took us down the Big Pigeon river.

In raft #1: Riley, Kelsea, Tuesdae, Richard, Drew, Derek, and Coach
Raft #2: Hillary (Coach's sister), Kacie, Beth, LaTifa, Casey, Austin, and Brian
 Raft #3: Stephanie, Emma, Sarah Duley, Jose, Hunter, Nathan, and Bryan

Rafting was a great experience, and everyone had fun... even those who were extremely nervous before the trip! The whole trip wasn't one rapid after another.  We had several stretches of calm water... Runners took advantage of these times and used them to plot raft takeovers and send each other swimming in the river!

After our rafting trip, we showered (some at the rafting place... others at the campground... because SOMEONE forgot their clothes!) and then went into downtown Gatlinburg for the evening.  Everyone split into groups and spent time shopping and crowd-watching.

By the time we got back to the campsite, everyone was worn out and ready for bed!  Nathan led devotion, and we called it a night.

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