Sunday, May 20, 2012


Have you ever been on a vacation where you think, "_______, ah, the best place in the world!"  There are several places like that for me, and one of them is Jellystone.  I enjoy Jellystone with the BMC runners, don't get me wrong, but I LOVE going to Jellystone with our whole family!

This year we arrived late Sunday night.  I left Oregon early Sunday morning, and Scott and kids picked me up at the Memphis airport Sunday afternoon.  We drove from Memphis to Gatlinburg, and I ended up crossing all US time zones in one day!  On Monday, we jumped right into hustle and bustle, because it was supposed to be a rainy day.  The kids chose to visit a place called Wonderworks, and I think everyone in the general Pigeon Forge area had the same idea!  (It did indeed start raining!)

Despite the crowds, the place was a great hands-on fun place for families.  Scott and Will rode this anti-gravity, upside down contraption...

We had pulley races (guess who won?)
And we got to sit for a bit in the "Earthquake Cafe," which simulates an earthquake!
After doing several activities, we needed a break from the crowds and went to get some pizza.  The waiter gave all the kids little dough balls, and they made their own crusts!  Later, they got to eat them as dessert!  
 (Will, Papa, and Mimi)
 (Will practicing his pizza crust toss)
 (Hannah and Evelyn)
 (Josh and Levi- not too concerned about the perfect pizza crust!)
(Hill, Adam, and Sarah)

After lunch, we went back to Wonderworks and waited in line for the ropes course challenge.  It was a long wait, but well worth it.  There was a 3-4 story ropes course inside the building!  Everyone was attached to safety harnesses which were set in guides that led from one rope challenge to another.  Hannah posed as an astronaut while we waited in line...
 So, how many kids have a grandmother cool enough to climb way up into the air and play on a ropes course with them?  Not many, but mine do!
Josh was a little daredevil!

 After the ropes course, Will took a little break and rested on the bed of nails.  
We checked out the bubble lab, and then played a round of laser tag!  That was so much fun!  

I know for certain that we did Wonderworks on Monday, and that Thanksgiving was on Thursday... Beyond that, I am not so certain about the details, but the post is designed to give you an idea of our trip and to help us remember parts of it... Don't take the order of things too literally, but I'll do my best to be accurate!  

Jellystone is a family friendly campground, and there is really no need to go to town... there is plenty to do right there at the campground!  The kids loved mini-golf and ping pong...

Hanging around the campfire is always a favorite pass-time....

Mom brought fall cookies for us all to decorate at the picnic tables!  

And of course, there is always the creek surrounding the campground... a kid's dream playground!

 The Jellystone owners also provide fun family activities like candy bar bingo and karaoke night!  All of my kids love karaoke... and I even got sucked into performing one song!

The campground is situated right on the edge of the Smoky Mountain National Park, and so we enjoy hiking right from our campsite!
 Above:  Dad, Mom, Sarah, and Hannah with their sticks
Below:  Scott and Will chillin' by the stream

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