Monday, July 18, 2011

Sarah's quilt

I am going to allow my mother-in-law, Kay to narrate this post with an email she sent me during the week!

"She's completed the center of the sudoku quilt. Hannah is familiar with the routine. Yesterday we purchased, washed, and cut fabric. We went to Bright Hopes Quilt shop in Mandeville. Everyone there was charmed with Sarah- remembered her from applique society last year. She was very clear about her fabric choices. She picked her focus fabric immediately and built her pile from there. We also sewed some yesterday. Today she finished piecing the center of the quilt. Three borders to come, then we will put it on the long arm. Wait until you see the backing fabric. It's totally sixties tie-dyed. Sarah is a careful and precise sewer. She is always alert to when things start to go awry and stops sewing immediately to ask what's up. Of course, there was the time she sewed perfectly for several minutes without bobbin thread. Hannah can relate...

We also went to the beach this morning. Got there right after nine am and left a little after eleven when all the "tourists" started crowding the beach."

Here is the quilt before the borders....

Here is the completed top- ready to begin long arm university!

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Em said...

It's gorgeous! Good job, Sarah!