Sunday, February 27, 2011


Mud is fun... and runners are crazy for thinking so.
Look at these girls... They look so happy! Smiling, playing, and looking as if they might be on the verge of doing something benign, like going to the zoo on a pretty day!

In reality, they were standing at the starting line of the TCPS cross country 5K, which was held on Feb. 12, 2011. Most people in our area are accustomed to 5k races run on pavement. The mere mention of trails will send many women (and men) scurrying for the hills. However, the phrase on the race t-shirt, "Dig deep, get dirty," attracted a fair sized crowd for a first 5K.

The flyer warned runners to come prepared for mud. "Dig deep, get dirty," was going to be more true than any of us realized. As we stood around the start, not really knowing what to expect from the course, I wondered which team was going to come out on top... The Blue Mountain Lady Toppers... or the Lady Spartans! Both of my teams were racing each other, and I really wasn't sure how the morning would turn out.

About 100 meters after the start, we all knew we were in trouble. Most of my runners persevered and continued to give a good solid effort, despite the course conditions. Apparently three runners saw this...
...and decided to take it easy and enjoy a walk in the park. I understand that they could not have possibly gotten a solid 5K time from that course, but my directions had been perfectly clear: 100% effort. Race. Nevertheless, somehow I managed to beat three healthy male college athletes.
I found no satisfaction in that. In fact, it was rather embarrassing.

Well, the day ended up being one of those races where you just talk about the "experience" and totally avoid any inquiries about times. The lady toppers ended up beating the Spartans in the team category- it was a close race, though! In the men's race, Austin, Nathan, and Richard finished top 3 overall... no contest!

The Spartan girls did a fabulous job... my ladies were pretty nervous!
After the race, Sarah went home with the Sanders girls, and I took Hannah to get her ears pierced. A little later, the girls both got to go to Skate Zone and celebrate Mercy's birthday! What a fun afternoon!

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