Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Happenings

SO, as we have buzzed through January and are into February, things are falling into a routine.

It is a little late to mention New Year's resolutions, so I won't bore you. Mine are probably the same as they are every year... eat healthier, start writing letters, etc. This year I have added a new one, though. "Be Quiet." That's the nice way of putting it. It has occurred to me that a person can not be misjudged, misquoted, or misunderstood if nothing is said in the first place. I would also like to add another... "Never trust Nobody," but I don't think that is found in Scripture. Maybe I will just pray for wisdom and discernment. Probably a better choice.

BMC is training again... We are practicing four or five days per week, and Tuesday is our cross training day. We meet at the healthplex in New Albany and do a spin class for an hour. We then hit the pool and swim laps... working up to a 45 minute swim. It is a great workout, and it is a nice change of pace (no pun intended!)... cuts down a bit on the pavement pounding.

Tuesday is also our girls' night. My girls go with me and swim laps. After practice, we have a picnic supper in my office and then supervise study hall from 6-8:30. I enjoy getting to take them with me, and they enjoy swimming for exercise and having coffee in my office!

School has been going VERY well. It's absolutely amazing how much school gets done when I plan out our week on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I printed a weekly planning sheet off donnayoung.org , and I plan out everyone's assignments one week at a time. This allows me to adjust for things that don't get completed, maybe need more practice, or even get completed early!

Will has taken to doubling up on school at least one day a week... he finds great satisfaction in getting to play while the girls are still doing work!

I have also changed my approach to a few school subjects. When we started homeschooling, none of my children could read. Therefore, I read aloud all of our history, science, geography, and literature each day. This would amount to several hours of read aloud time. While we all enjoyed this time together, I realized that this was one area where I could save some time. The girls are more than capable of reading their assignments, and Will can do a great deal independently. If I am going to be home, I will read to the group... but if we run out of time, they read to themselves, and someone reads aloud to Josh.

My kids are all suffering, because I am trying to eat healthy. Everyone hates it when mom cuts out sugar!

To sum up... We are falling into a routine of school and work, and things are going more smoothly now than they have in a while.

At the end of December, I started a chronological Bible reading plan, and I have been blessed with the time I have spent in the Scriptures. Isn't it funny how when God is teaching us something, He places it in so many different areas of our lives? Lately, He has been telling me to "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." which is done best by immersing oneself in His precious word.

Couple of random Josh quotes from the previous year... I think these got posted on Facebook, but I thought I would include them here, too!
"One thing I would NOT want to do is buy a plunger from a thrift store."

"Hey look, I can give myself a wedgie!"

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