Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Snow Day

One beautiful snow would have been plenty. After all, we live in Mississippi. Not much is expected here. In fact, anything is sort of a treat and exciting. At the mere hint of winter precipitation, the news media goes absolutely bananas, and people can talk of little other than the weather... myself included. Schools shut down for days, Wal-Mart is laid bare of milk and bread, and children have redneck fun with sleds and 4Wheelers...

This is all grand once a winter... but twice? Really?! We had two major snows this year, and lots of COLD weather in between. The catchphrase became, "So much for global warming!"
Even our poor dog, Luke Skywalker, was desperate for a warm place to rest his fanny. We were all ready for a little warmer weather, and I know I was starting to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder... or whatever.

The good news is, two days after this...
It was 60 degrees and sunny!

Buttercups, bloom soon... we need sunshine!!!

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