Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coffee Shop / recital

The next week, Hannah got to spend two days baking her birthday cake with my friend Sandy. She picked out a design that looked like a Christmas gift... it turned out unbelievably well!

Saturday morning, we met a bunch of Spartan girls at the coffee shop for cookie decorating. It was a fun morning!


The girls enjoy getting chances to visit with each other... that was just as fun as decorating the cookies!

After decorating cookies, we went home with a van overflowing with girls for cake and a violin recital! My mom and dad came, and so did Grandmama Sharon! We stayed longer than I had planned at the coffee shop, and so the lunch, and cake part of the afternoon were too rushed.

Here's your lunch and your cake smile for the camera ok now everyone get in the picture ok now you can open some gifts and grab your violin and come on hurry up lets get in the car we're gonna be late!!!

I can't believe my baby is 12 years old now!!!

Why am I a chronic over-planner?

We RUSHED (putting it lightly) out of the house and to the Christmas violin recital.

Devin has done a great job with her students, and they were actually good enough to play some group pieces this time!
Hannah and Devin during one recital piece... It is hard to get good violin "action shots!" Hannah did a beautiful job, especially in her trio piece with her friend Kaelan and another girl.

(There, that's a better picture! Hannah, Devin, and Kaelan at the reception!)

I had to get post-recital pictures of family with our budding violinist...

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