Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well, I have made significant progress toward being a real farm wife this week! I got to help Scott fix the tractor,

and we got 50 baby chicks to raise for meat!

I say progress (rather than having officially arrived at being a farm wife), for two reasons.

#1 I didn't actually fix the tractor... I just tightened bolts because my hands are smaller

#2 Because the inevitable question concerning the chicks arises: "So, are you going to wring their necks and pluck them when they are old enough to eat?" When it does, my inevitable answer is "NO!" We will raise them here, and when it is "Chicken Killin' Day," we will take them to a nearby farm where our friends raise all natural meat. On "Chicken Killin' Day," Scott and the kids have agreed to help slaughter chickens together with our friends, and I have volunteered to bring food, prepare food for everyone, and clean house for them while they are out... killin' chickens!

I might end up helping, but I am not wringing any necks... nor do I think I could slit any throats. Maybe I can operate the food saver or something!

They were so cute and tiny when they arrived! Check out our redneck engineering at its finest... they are in kiddie pools for now. We will move them to a pen when they get a little bigger!




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