Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This is just a random post with some pictures of summer happenings....

A few weeks ago, Stokes had blueberries and mangoes on sale. Not just any sale... but call all of your friends, b/c this is a fabulous deal kind of sale! I bought 2 cases of mangoes and 6 cases of blueberries. Many of the blueberries went into my freezer, but the girls made several cobblers, and I decided to make some jam!

I spent the day with a friend making several batches of jams. We made blueberry lime, blueberry mango, and raspberry mango. When I got home, I was very pleased! However, I still had a case of mangoes and two cases of blueberries left!

The next day was Saturday, so the girls and I went to work. We ended up with 52 jars of jam!

In other news, Sarah got her point shoes this summer. She has been practicing on point, and doing well. As this milestone has been reached, she has been faced with a decision: Spartans or ballet. It has been very tough for her, but I think that she has chosen to keep running. Although she LOVES ballet, she likes running and wants to be able to see her friends at running practice. It really has not been as simple as this, but we think she has chosen wisely. It is so hard when there are many GOOD things to do... it's just not good to do all of them!
Finally, we got a new puppy. Yes, the poor thing is in a wedding dress. HE (yes, HE is in a wedding dress) got named Darth Vader, because we already had Luke Skywalker. Darth Vader is not the most intimidating creature, is he?
No wonder he looks so forlorn in the next picture!


Hannah said...

So, does that mean Sarah's not taking ballet this year?

Erica said...

A dog in a wedding dress?? TOO funny!