Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Spartan to become a Topper!

I mentioned that I had a signee come out of running camp... I didn't mention that it was one of my Spartans from last year!

Mary Chunn decided to come to running camp, even though she had already graduated from high school. I am not exactly sure why she decided to come, but I think it was providential. As the week went on, the BMC runners steadily talked to her about the possibility of coming to run for Blue Mountain College. She was interested, and agreed to talk to her parents and consider the matter.

The following week, she decided to sign! We are thankful to have Mary joining us at BMC! Mary has a lot of potential, and I know she will make the Toppers (and the Spartans) proud! Hopefully she will be the first in a long line of Chunns to come and run for me there!
Matt and Michael couldn't make it, but here are Steve, Yonnea, and siblings with Mary.

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