Sunday, June 27, 2010

Disney Day 5

We woke up and took the ferry over to the Grand Floridian Resort, which is BEAUTIFUL! We explored the hotel for a while as we waited for our breakfast reservation time.
Sarah and Hannah at the Grand Floridian

The 1900's Park Fare Character Breakfast was great! There were many characters there, and we got a lot of autographs and pictures. The Mad Hatter was our favorite... he truly was a character!Hannah, Josh, Will, and Sarah with the Mad Hatter
Mary Poppins was at breakfast also!

After breakfast, we caught the bus to Typhoon Lagoon! I don't have any pictures from the water park, but it was fabulous. The kids had never been to a large water park before, and they had a blast. There is a wave pool that sends out giant waves... we spent a good portion of the day letting Scott throw us toward shore just as a giant wave was coming at us... redneck body surfing! :) We also enjoyed a "water coaster" and several other water slides.

After returning to the hotel and changing clothes, my parents, the kids, and I headed to the Magic Kingdom for our LATE, LATE night.... Little did we know just how late it would end up being!

We took the boys to Stitch's Great Escape (the boys both love the Lilo and Stitch cartoon). Then we headed to get a quick supper and watch the sunset by the castle... beautiful!
We did the go-carts at the Speedway, and we rode the Astro-Orbiter. It was a Dumbo-type ride several stories up in the air!
Will on the Astro Orbiter

At 10:00, we watched the spectacular fireworks show and then got our spots for the late night parade. While waiting for the parade, Josh fell asleep on the curb! Will was feeling quite poorly, but he really wanted to see the parade.
After the parade we waited in a CRAZY line for the bus back to the resort.... we didn't get home until after 1:00 AM!!! What a day!

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