Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Catching Up

I can't believe it has been 2 months since my last post! All of my children are at my mom's house tonight, so I am going to go on a little blogging binge... and I will pretend as though I am not posting about yesterday's news!

Let's see... where do we begin... The rest of April and beginning of May were spent working on school and gearing up for recitals. I am kicking myself, because the "recital" picture folder is mysteriously empty, and the pictures did not wind up in any of my other 100 picture folders! If I find them, I will add them later.

Sarah's ballet recital came first. Kay and my mom came for the big event, and they were not disappointed. Her two dances were great! Scott got home from the state track meet just in time to go to George's for ice cream with us! Sarah went home with Kay for a few days, because they would be coming back for Hannah's recital the next weekend!

Hannah spent the week madly practicing her pieces for her very first violin recital. I can't believe that she has only been playing for one school year... (and even had a 6 week break with her broken arm!) She is doing so well!

Her recital was on a Friday night at Lawndale Presbyterian church. The students all did a GREAT job! Hannah had two pieces- a solo and a duet. The solo came first, and it was clear that it was her first time to perform; she played the piece at lightning speed! :) The duet went MUCH more smoothly, and they did splendidly. (I am still mad that I can't find those pictures! GRRR!!)

After the recital, Kay took us out for a special treat: dinner at Harvey's, a nice restaurant in Tupelo. We all enjoyed a nice dinner and then headed home.

On Saturday morning, Kay headed home early, and we got started PACKING!!!!

Why would we spend an entire day packing?! Because we would be leaving for Disney World the next morning!!! WOO HOO!!!

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