Thursday, June 24, 2010

Disney Day 3


On Tuesday, we got another late start. After breakfast at our hotel, we hopped on our shuttle bus and headed to Epcot about 11. By the time we arrived, the fast pass times to "Soarin'" were later than we planned to stay, so we headed to the Nemo building. We went on Nemo's adventure, which was really cute! Afterwards, we stayed for "Turtle Talk with Crush." This interactive event was really neat! Next, we went to the Imaginarium with Figment. I remembered this as one of my favorite things from when I was a young girl. Of course, things have been changed and updated since then, but it was still fun. Hannah saw Chip 'n Dale, so she got in line for their autographs while everyone else looked around.

The kids decided to brave an hour and a half wait to get autographs at the "Character Spot." Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald were there! The wait wasn't too bad, because there were televisions with old Mickey Mouse cartoons to entertain us. Will went with Scott to some type of exhibit place and made their own computer games, because he didn't want to get autographs. Unfortunately for him, when we reached the front of the line, I dragged him up there for the pictures! Josh and Hannah got really into autographs and pictures with characters. It was so much fun for me to see how special the trip was to them!

We all went to Spaceship Earth (we got to go up in the big ball), and then we rode Test Track... a fast, fun ride. You got to pretend like you were a test dummy going through all sorts of car tests. Hannah and mom wished they hadn't sat out!

For dinner, we had a unique German experience at the Biergarten! As you walked into the the restaurant, it was like walking into a small German village! There were people playing cowbells and those horns, and we even got to go down and do the chicken dance!

Mom and dad at dinner- it was too dim to see the elaborate backdrops inside the restaurant

Will with his stein of root beer!

After dinner, Scott and Will headed back to the hotel to get some rest. (I should mention... Will got diagnosed with mono two days before we left for our trip. His instructions from the doctor were to stay hydrated and rest when he got tired.... and not allow anyone to share drinks!) The rest of us decided to stay for a little longer, because we hadn't gotten to do our Kimpossible mission yet.

The Kimpossible missions are a very, very cool way to explore the World Showcase. You get a "secret mission" that takes you to a certain country in the World Showcase. With your interactive cell phone, you look for clues and go on a scavenger hunt. Our mission was to China, and it culminated with the cell phone remotely signaling a jade monkey to rise up out of a fountain! The next time we went to Epcot, they were all out of missions for the day. Rats!

Hannah, Josh, & Sarah checking out their first clue

As we headed out of the park, we stopped for a picture... I wish Scott and Will had been with us!
Sarah, Me, Josh, Hannah, Mimi, and Papa

We also made a stop in the gift shop. The kids had been given a certain amount of souvenir money, and they were very careful all week to make sure that they got just the right memento! Josh had fun trying on the Stitch hat and gloves!

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