Saturday, October 31, 2009

Random Pics

Instead of posting about the final week of cross country drama, I am making a decision to post some random pictures of life in Keownville... and NOT share details of, well, drama. Yes, this is my 6 year old wielding an axe.

Will trying his hand at wood splitting

"Mom- what does it look like when we squish our faces up on the car window?"
"Go do it, and I will show you!"
Yes, our dog is wearing a sweater. She actually likes it!

Mom: Josh, who conquered the Aztecs?
Josh: (With great gusto, confidence, and feeling) CHARLEMAGNE!!!
Mom: Uh, no... that was 700 years before... CORTES conquered the Aztecs!

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Emily said...

Oh Josh . . . . close enough. Charlemagne did conquer a lot of people. If America had been discovered (and the Aztec empire come into existence a few centuries earlier, for that matter), I suppose he might have tried his hand at them, too. Anyway, Charlemagne is much more fun to say.