Saturday, October 31, 2009

Duleys MIA

Wow... I realize that it has been a LONG time since I have posted anything! Although I would love to report that we have been on an extended, relaxing vacation... it simply isn't true. We have been up to our ears in cross country, football, and, oh yeah... school!

For the sake of scrapbooking, I am going to go back to where I left off with my posts... some important milestones have been reached at the Duley house!

At the end of September, the Spartans participated in the Tallahatchie Riverfest 5K. This is run in downtown New Albany, so I kind of feel like it is our "home course." We have had more rain this season than I can EVER remember... Hence, I was not surprised to wake up that morning to pouring rain. We arrived at BNA, got signed in, and huddled under an awning until it was time for the fun run. Just before time to start, the rain quit! Hooray!

Josh ran in the fun run, and Will RAN the 5K this year! It was his first 5K ever! Scott went in to football a little bit late so that he could run with him... the hills had him very, very nervous. He did great, though... 29:51!

you can see Josh starting the fun run

Hannah and Sarah did very well also. Hannah did her best time of the season- 31:32, and Sarah can't remember. (Her slacker mother waited too long to post about it!) However, she did get 1st in the 0-9 age category!

After the race, we walked around the craft fair, listened to the Gunnells' violin performance on the youth stage, and did "Paint the Town," an activity all of my children look forward to each year.
Hannah and Catherine with their balloon hats!

The next week we had the beginning of a lot of drama.... We were supposed to participate in a high shcool cross country meet in the area. BUT, I got a phone call on Friday to let me know that we were "un-invited." The coach in charge had been called out on the fact that home schoolers are not really supposed to compete alongside public school students. After a last minute scramble, we decided to participate in a 5K in Corinth, MS.

It turned out to be a beautiful morning- just perfect for running! I ran this race with Hannah, and she did a 28:38! Nothing like Mama crackin' the whip beside ya! Sarah had a good race (of course), and Will and Josh did the fun run.
Hannah and Sarah kickin' it in
Usually fun runs are about a half mile (or less)... this fun run didn't feel so fun to Josh! It was a FULL mile (actually about 1.1)! Will finished toward the front of the pack, and Josh ran just about the entire way! I didn't get an exact time, but I think he did it in about 14 minutes.
Here we are, finishing the last stretch! Great job for my future D-lineman!

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