Saturday, October 31, 2009

MC Invitational

Varsity Spartans: Logan, Zack, Cale, (coach), Danielle, Julie, Mary, Courtney, Emilee, Catherine, Olivia, Forrest, Landers, Josh

The next week was more of the same... cross country, football... running drama. After being un-invited to the Myrtle meet, we were afraid of being un-invited to the MC invitational. This wouldn't have been a big deal... except for the fact that MC is 3 hours away in Jackson, MS! We all had hotel rooms reserved, etc., and we did not want to get cancelled only a few hours prior to our departure.

After hemming and hawing, the moms finally decided to listen to all of the men who were telling us to "Let sleeping dogs lie... do NOT email the coach and hash out all of the details of the last week!" So... we left for Jackson on Friday, planning to run as scheduled.

When I say, "we," I mean the varsity runners and families. This race was a very large high school invitational run on the MS state championship course. I wanted the kids to get to run on the course and have a chance to compete with the top schools in the state. With it being so far and involving a hotel room, I decided to limit our numbers to varsity only (top 7). This also provided an incentive for runners to work hard in the future and ensure their spots on the varsity team!

OF COURSE it was raining.... drama and rain seemed to be a key theme in this season! The coach in charge sent out an email warning about muddy conditions. It said something to the effect of "the course and parking will be very muddy... I will have a tractor on site to pull out stuck vehicles... wear your rain boots!" It I can not remember a season so wet as this one has been!

We arrived in Clinton close to dark and did a course walk through. After checking out hills, turns, mud holes, and strategic surging spots, we headed back to the hotel to check in and get ready for dinner.

The next morning was chilly and still damp. At least it was not pouring! When we got close to the course, traffic came to a grinding halt. Thirty minutes passed, and we only moved a number of feet. People started walking/running by us, heading to the race. I finally got a phone call to let me know that there was a bus stuck, and it was blocking the entire drive. We pulled over and parked, grabbed our gear, and headed up to the course... I think it was about a mile walk... no joke! The entrance to the course is a very long little road!

When we got to the course and checked in, I found out that the races had been delayed due to traffic and mud! The tent was set up, and the runners were hanging out, relaxing, waiting for their races.

Reason #593 why I love my runners: this is what they do before races- knit and crochet!
Danielle, Julie, Margaret, and Hannah with their projects

Race time finally arrived... and our girls kicked tail!!! Wow! We beat every team in North Mississippi, 1-3A... Even Corinth! They did a great job, packing up and working together.

Our boys did a great job as well- they worked hard, and had a VERY respectable finish. This has been a building year for our boys, but we are looking quite strong for next year!

As we checked the results postings, it was pointed out that we were scored as a team! (We had been allowed to run in the race, but we had been told that we could count as individuals only b/c of home schooling.) Holding my breath, I went to the score table and pointed out the mistake. The ladies said that they thought it would be ok, since the meet was not sponsored by an MHSAA team.... Good enough for me!

At the awards ceremony, SPARTAN RUNNING CLUB was announced as the 1A-3A girls' runner up! (For all of my non-running, non-Mississippi readers... this was HUGE!) WOO HOO!!! The girls got to go up and get their plaque... So exciting!

Little did we know, the question of, "What do we do with the Plaque... we don't have a trophy case?" would be solved very shortly!

Before I even arrived home, it was called to my attention that the scores had been changed, and the Spartans had been removed from the team standings! Corinth was now listed as second!

It turned out that the coach in charge was pulling people out on his tractor, and he did not remember to change our team over to the exhibition category. Even though he was just doing what we had originally agreed upon, it was a little more disappointing this way.

At least we had our 15 seconds of fame! (We know who really got second in that race!)
varsity boys before the race
Varsity girls before the race

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