Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stranger things...

Yesterday morning as Scott was leaving, our final exchange went something like this...

"Have a good day, hope y'all win tonight!"

"Heather, they are ranked #3 in the state. We are ranked #126."

"You never know, stranger things have happened!"

"We'll see, love you."

New Albany's second opponent of the season was to be the formidable Ripley tigers... the arch rival of the Bulldogs. They have a great offense and several big, fast players.

The kids and I didn't make it to the game, because I was helping to host a baby shower. As we left the church parking lot a little after nine, I joked, "Hey kids, do y'all want to go to Ripley?" Quickly, I insisted that it was not a good idea, and we were all going to bed as soon as we arrived home.

We found the game on the radio, and it was 14-14! The game was in the third quarter and tied up! As we pulled into the driveway, I informed the kids that we could delay bedtime just a bit. They brushed their teeth, put on PJ's , and we all piled on my bed to listen to the final quarter.

We scored and moved ahead, but we didn't make the extra point. They scored and made the extra point, making it 28-27. With less than 5 minutes left, we drove down the field and scored again, but failed to get the 2 pt. conversion. Ripley had one last shot. The kids were laughing at me as I did a somersault on my bed... so much for being still and quietly listening to the game!

One minute and thirty seconds can seem like an eternity, especially with several time outs left!

The defense came through and kept them from scoring! 33-28, NEW ALBANY WON!!!!!

The guys did a great job- the predicted score was 47-7, in favor of Ripley!

We were so excited that we all got dressed, loaded up in the van, and went to town! We got Scott a milkshake, knowing that his throat would be sore, and went to wait for the buses to arrive. As we waited, the kids made up a little cheer:

Hey, y'all,
Let's play ball!
Way to crush the tigers,
Let's go Dawgs!

Word spread that everyone was gathering downtown to cheer as the players came through town. It was one of those small town moments that you read about or see on TV... We all lined the street on our downtown stretch. The cheerleaders cheered. The FRA's (Front Row Athletes) were cheering just as loudly. Parents, teachers, and school administrators gathered, and we all waited for the buses.

The policemen announced the arrival of the team with flashing lights and sirens... The buses crept through, players hanging out the windows and giving people "five," crowds waving and cheering. We were in the crowd, cheering and waving for the guys, and proud as peacocks to see Coach Duley driving the second bus!

We jumped back in the van, and met the buses at the fieldhouse. We gave Scott his milkshake, hugs, kisses, and congratulated players. By the time we got BACK home, it was 12:00!!! So much for an early bedtime!

Way to go, Dawgs! My throat is a little sore, just from listening in my bedroom!


Roan said...

Oh Heather! What a great story! I got chillbumps just reading it!
Way to go Bulldogs!!

Anonymous said...

Way too go dawgs (or is it dogs)

Julie McAfee said...

Love the story! I am glad that New Albany won. I had to listen to a little New Albany bashing at work on Friday (remember I do work in Ripley). This is another life lesson in do your best no matter what the odds say, and don't give up even all the way to the end. Sometimes life just has to wait for milkshakes as well. Your kids will probably remember that night a lot longer because you did leave the house late and go celebrate.

Roan said...

(this is actually Olivia, not Roan) WOO HOO!! I so glad they won!! And you did a somersault?!?

Meal Planning with Connie said...

What fun!!! I hope you got Scott's milkshake at George's!! :)
I know he loved having y'all meet him with it!!
I hope the rest of the season goes just as well for the NA Bulldogs!!

Love y'all!!

Sheri said...

Heather - That is an awesome story! I got tears in my eyes reading about the "small town moment"! How wonderful! What a memory!
Love you all,

Katie said...

I'm so glad I got to be at the game. I don't like football, but there's just something about a highschool game - plus I always love an underdog scenario! Wish you could have been there.

Anonymous said...

That made me cry a little... but I'm pregnant you know, that's probably why-- great story. I just got caught up on the past several of your blogs. You having the ankles of a mountain goat made me laugh out loud.