Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Fair Day

Yesterday we went to kids day at the Union County Fair!

We arrived at the youth rodeo just in time... Josh got to sign up for mutton bustin'! It was so cute to see the little kids riding on those sheep, holding on for dear life.

Waiting in line, Josh kept on saying over and over, "oooh, I am so excited!"

Josh did a great job, but he got the "Lazy sheep." It didn't take off running like the others, and the men had to keep slapping it on the bottom! It never started running, but it did try to buck him off. Finally, the sheep just rolled over on top of him!
He got a ribbon for participating, which was promptly posted beside his bed!

Later that day, Hannah, Sarah, and Will participated in the youth cooking competition. Hannah made a peanut butter chocolate dessert, Will made cow patty cookies, and Sarah made a cinnamon coffee cake.Gia, Vivian, Hannah, Sarah, and Will before the judging.

There were not very many competitors, so the judges came up with categories... making sure that everyone had their own category! Hannah won "Best Trifle," Will won "Best Cookie," and Sarah won "Best Cake." Sarah also won "Best Overall," and her dessert gets to be featured in Vainisi's restaurant for a week! She was presented with a chef hat and apron, and a first place ribbon!

We also had fun in the free "Kids Corner," jumping on all of the jumping things and playing "American Gladiator."

Josh and I playing "American Gladiator"

It was a HOT day at the fair, but we all had fun. The kids did a great job, and they are all trying to figure out what to bake NEXT YEAR!!

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The fair sounded like a fun day!