Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shifting Gears

It's that time of year again. Last Sunday night I flipped the switch, changed gears, and became a football widow once again!

Monday marked the beginning of football season (officially) for Scott and cross country season for the rest of us. I showed up at his practice to take a few "first day" pictures, but Coach Duley wasn't cooperating. It's a good thing that the boys at the water cooler were so obliging! :)

I did manage to get an action shot or two... look at that handsome coach! :)

I had my camera at cross country practice last week, but I forgot to stop and take pictures! We have almost 60 kids on our roster for the year. WOW! Go Spartans! Our girls team is going to be really strong, if we can keep healthy legs. We have a couple returning high school boys, but otherwise we are quite young on the boys' side. I am sure I will post details as we go through the season.

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