Tuesday, February 17, 2009

works for me...

My friend Roan recently started doing "Works for Me Wednesday" a week or two ago, and she encouraged some of us to follow suit. I am often accused of working harder, not smarter... and I don't have a wealth of unique information to share with others. In fact, most everything I do that "works for me" has come directly from other friends of mine, like Roan or Laura.

One thing in particular that I learned from my friend Laura is this....

What works for me? My kids can! My children are still only 10, 9, 7, and 5, but I depend on them when it comes to chores and cleaning house!

They each have set daily chores- cleaning their rooms, keeping the house picked up, and folding and putting away their laundry (when it comes out of the dryer, I toss it into separate boxes for the kids- Josh's doesn't get folded too neatly, but close enough!)

They also have individual daily chores... Hannah and Sarah clean bathrooms ("daily spit shine"), unload dishwasher, scoop cat litter, and help with meals. Josh and Will take out trash, clean the van, bring in wood, and do other misc. things.

Once a week when we clean the house, they are indispensable! I get the kitchen, all of the windexing, and floors... the kids do baseboards, dusting, bathrooms, and many other things!

So, I don't have a lot of clever systems, but I have a clever crew! :)
I have been thinking a lot about school for next year lately, and I think the next several posts (I probably won't wait until next Wednesday) will be about what works for me (or doesn't) in the area of homeschool.

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Roan said...

When do you do your whole house cleaning? As you know, I have been attempting to clean 4 days a week ( in addition to the daily straightening), but at least once each week, something gets in the way of the cleaning. I don't think I can clean my whole house in one day (It took Beverly 7-8 hours). Any suggestions? The kids's help definitely make a huge difference. There is no way I could to it alone!