Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Works for Me... Science

I have often joked over the last few years that I needed a very special science curriculum. Not only did I need one that was scientifically accurate and presented from a Christian perspective, but I also needed one that would be suitable for us to do as a family... AND... one that would either teach for me or motivate me enough to actually include science in our routine!

I know, I know... my husband is a Biology/ General Science teacher! How could I not like science? Why do you think we got married? He helped me in the sciences, and I wrote his papers for him! :) Just kidding! (sort of!)

I don't think I ever had a science teacher who spoke the ENGLISH language... they all spoke some unfamiliar tongue that I did NOT understand! Consequently, I have had a lack of motivation, interest, whatever... in the area of teaching science. This is not something I am proud of, especially since all four (3 youngest, esp.) of my children LOVE anything having to do with science.

This year in Excelsior, we started using Jeannie Fulbright's Exploring Creation series. EUREKA! WE'VE GOT IT! All four of my qualifications have been met... I am actually doing science... and understanding it! :) In addition, the textbook is only $22 on Amazon, and you only need one per family!
In case you didn't understand... I LOVE THIS SCIENCE PROGRAM!

The lessons are manageable, and there are corresponding notebook activities with each section. Students do narrations, nature study activities, and experiments (which are very simply laid out using household materials). Susanne, the kids science teacher at Excelsior, has also created fact sheets for each chapter. These have about 10 facts with the main points and terms explained, and I have them in our memory notebook to continue working on review.

I won't ramble forever, but I do want to give an example. I have never understood the concept of photosynthesis... I knew it involved some series of letters and numbers... Csomething + H2O, etc... However, thanks to Ms. Fulbright, the kids and I can have a discussion about the way a plant makes food!

I asked the girls to write a paragraph explaining photosynthesis in their own words. Here is what they wrote:

Sarah (I am correcting her spelling here... it is a science book, not a spelling program!)- "Photosynthesis is a process where the plant makes food. It pulls in CO2 and water and makes sugar and lets air out."

Hannah- Photosynthesis is a process in which the plants' leaves make food for the plant. The plant takes light, water, and CO2 to make sugar to feed the plant. when it does this, it also makes oxygen for us to breathe.


Dan said...

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Liesa George said...

Hi Heather. You have a very special award to pick up at Life By George! Happy day to ya!