Monday, February 16, 2009

Last week

It was good to be at my kitchen table, drinking my cup of coffee and having my quiet time this morning. We have had a busy week! Last Tuesday night after fit kids, the children and I went to Memphis to spend a few days with my mom. We did school, visited my grandmother, went to Target and Costco (you can't go from New Albany to Memphis without making a stop at Target!), and ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant on Wednesday. On Thursday we did school and had lunch with my dad at his shop. The kids love going to "Papa's shop" because he lets them hang onto the crane and lifts them up and gives them tractor rides around the shop yard! (I wish I had my camera!) Both days we got to spend time with my sister and her two children, Evelyn and Levi. They are two and one... 13 months apart like my girls, and it is fun to be around them and remember how crazy things were only a few years ago!

Friday morning dawned early, as we left my mom's house at 5:45 in order to get to Friday school by 8:00! After school, we all (We had picked up Scott in New Albany, b/c he was headmaster on Friday.) headed down to the MS gulf coast to visit Scott's mom and stepdad for the weekend. They had a car that was flooded in Katrina... it had been totalled, but John is a mechanical whiz and fixed it up for Scott! What a blessing!

On Saturday, Scott and John worked all day on hanging drywall in his shop. Kay took the kids for a lovely walk on the beach... until... duh duh dum... attack of the killer gnats! :) While they were at the beach, I went into town and went for my long run. I made it 15 miles, and was able to keep an 8:30 pace. It always feels great... til I stop! :) Later that afternoon, Kay and I took the kids to see Hotel For Dogs... VERY CUTE movie, with a thrice-fold happy ending... kids get adopted, animals get adopted, and the condemned building gets a facelift!

We returned home Sunday evening, and got unpacked and ready for school this morning... speaking of .... I am running late....

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Anonymous said...

Good to "see" you this morning! Sounds like ya'll had lots of grandparent fun.
Yay on the car! I thought you had gotten it a few weeks ago...who's car was it at church that I thought was yours?
Pencil us in on your calendar, we haven't visited in forever. I have my van at home now so we could get together on an afternoon.
Don't force me to start running so I can hang out with would NOT be a pretty sight & who wants to spend the day at the ER having an EKG?