Thursday, December 11, 2008

The List

Sometimes people say I look just like my mother. Often, my mother will say I act just like my father... I think I have a split personality.

I have a deep longing and feel it necessary to have an orderly, clean home. Usually, at some point in each day, it is orderly and clean. However, at the same time I am disorganized, absent minded, and if I start a project... whoa, it just gets spread all over the room. (I like to see everything I am working with...) It is like nature vs. nurture having a battle inside me every day! My nature is chaotic absent-mindedness, but I have been nurtured to be a neat, organized person!

For example, I am a chronic list-maker. It is a habit embedded in me from an early age. I can remember (most every day of my entire childhood) walking into the kitchen and seeing my mother drinking her coffee and making her list for the day. This was not just any list, though. In IMPECCABLE handwriting, the yellow legal pad was divided into 3 sections: To Do:, To Go:, Call:

(Just as an aside, when I say impeccable... my mother's handwriting, even her signature, were too neat even to forge... we didn't even attempt copying hers... it couldn't be done!)

Now for the dilema... although I am a chronic list maker, I spend WAY too much time looking for lists that I have lost! It has been almost comical... I could have completed several projects in the time I have spent looking for my "master list" in order to remember what I was supposed to be working on! I realize that part of my problem is that I will scribble my list down on completely random scraps of paper and put them in completely random places (so I won't forget where I put them!)


I am giving an entirely too long of a preface just to say I am dedicating a post to my "MASTER LIST." I don't care if you read it (some things will be in code during December), but it is not entertaining or even interesting. Purely functional. Surely I won't lose this list, and now I have several friends who will at least be able to remind me where it is if I start looking for it... sounds ridiculous, but I promise it is a possibility. (My mom calls me "wonder woman" because I am always saying, "I wonder where my keys are...")

cover dining room chairs
paint bath chair

Ha ha those are the only things I can think of right now... but I know there are a bunch more things... maybe if I remember, I can remember where to go and write them down!


Liesa said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Wonder Woman,
So sorry for the schizophrenia! I could have given you worse habits, though! Ha! It does seem that you have found a solution - Web Lists! Just think - the font is impeccable! Good Job!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

This is so funny! But, when you said "we" couldn't forge her signature... you weren't implying that I tried to forge our parent's signature too did you? J/k... Dad's was the easiest to do. - H

The Stringer's said...

That is awesome Heather! What a great idea and by the way...I totally relate!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,
It's Heather. Put all your lists in a control journal. And you won't lose it if you follow her advice. I love this very organized lady. I just need to finish her book. This is a wonderful site, surely you've heard of her.