Thursday, September 18, 2008

Okay, I just spent 30 minutes downloading a you tube video of Vodie Bachum on CNN talking about Sarah Palin. Definitely worth it. Highly recommend! I don't know how to find the link, but I just googled CNN Vodie Bachum and it was the first thing to pop up. The lady in the debate was Margaret somebody... I am still not sure what I think about the race, but I definitely admire his high regard for Scripture and felt like he was very needfully truthful and accurate.


Kurt Strassner said...

Heather, glad to be reading your blog ... although disappointed that it has a distinct Mississippi State look to it. Maybe since you have an inroad, you can convince NAHS to change its colors or mascot? Red and Blue always looks good this time of year.

But I digress ...

I was going to mention the Baucham video to you. Mohler also had some helpful comments on his blog. The consensus between the two (and I tend to agree) is that, in the short term, the McCain-Palin ticket seems to be the best option for believers. But there are some long-term implications for the future of leadership and family that not very many people are considering.

Add to that the fact that, inevitably, we find out that politicians are not the squeaky clean people we want them to be ... and I am always surprised to see Christian drooling over.

Hope all is well in Keownville.

Anonymous said...

The Rileys loan out Voddie Bachum videos. We just watched one on the 'Children of Caesar,' and 'Getting your House in Order.' Great videos.