Monday, September 15, 2008


I am finally up and posting! Sometimes I can be laid back and spontaneous, but for some reason I wanted to have my pictures, links, etc. all in place before I rushed into posting. I suppose because I was so excited about the pretty background my friend Roan put on here... The girls and I have all started blogs in the last week or so. The girls will be posting journal type entries as well as some of their writing assignments for school. It will be good typing practice, and how much fun is a journal with pretty colors, links, and pictures!!! (Of course, that is kind of why I have a blog as well!) My intent is to share regularly (as much as possible) what is going on with our family, what the Lord is teaching me, and anything else that might seem fittin' at the time.

Hannah's blog (which will undoubtedly be updated more often) is and Sarah's is


Christy said...

Yeah! I'm glad you're blogging now. Maybe your girls will inspire Hope to do a little writing, too. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you!

coramdeomom said...

Hey Duleys! Glad to be able to keep in touch. Congratulations on the 5K!

Blessings from the Dicks

Roan said...

Welcome Heather! It all looks great. I am looking forward to more.