Saturday, September 20, 2008

Last night the bulldogs won their first game of the season! They played Center Hill and won 35-14. One of the touchdowns was made while our offense was on the field, so Coach Duley's defense did pretty well, I'd say! Great job, coaches and players!

This morning our homeschool cross country team competed in a large area invitational. There were over 900 runners competing in the 6 different races, so it was definitely an experience for some of the families who had never seen the difference between a 5K and an XC invitational. The runners did well, several improving their times.

I am particularly proud of Zak Priest, our top boy finisher, and the girls' team. Zak stepped up and pushed ahead of where he has been running lately. I am hopeful to see him running under 19:00 by the end of the season. The girls showed the beginning signs of working together and pack running, which is GREAT to see. I love to see improvement, and now we have a great place to jump from.

Next year I am planning on coaching again... I know that last year I said no more and then once again committed, and I am regretting that lapse of time terribly now. SO, we will definitely get a good start on a training plan in June and not wait until August to begin.

I really need to go run and then head upstairs to sew. Next week is the Tallahatchie Riverfest, and I have been given a free booth. My sister is coming from Memphis with her wooden signs that she paints, and I am planning on some major sleep deprivation this week in order to make and sell aprons. Hobby Lobby had some CUTE fabric, and I am hoping that the masses in New Albany think so too!


Olivia said...

You are a GREAT coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see the aprons!!

Christy said...

I want an apron. May I buy one? I'll pay shipping or can get it in Feb. when I come to visit.