Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Thirteen years ago, Scott had the flu.  Hannah was only 13 months old, and she was into everything.  I was exhausted and about 16 pounds heavier than normal.  (Only 16lbs because Hannah was into EVERYTHING!)

After dinner that evening, I began to think my water was leaking.  It was after hours (of course), and my doctor told me to go to the hospital and get checked out.  I drove myself to Baptist East in Memphis, fairly confident that I was just paranoid and would be sent back home immediately.

The nurse checked and told me that my water had not broken, but that it was bulging and I was QUITE dilated.  Thinking about the mess I had left at home, I asked permission to leave and go clean my house and pack my bag... thinking I would just go home and come back later.

She laughed.  Not a through-the-nose sniffy laugh; this was a large southern nurse bellow.  "Ma'am, if I let you leave, you gonna have that baby out there in the parking garage.  You ain't goin' anywhere."

I called Scott, and he came up to the hospital.  A few short hours later, at 9:04pm on 1/3/00,  Sarah Grace Duley was born!  She was our littlest Duley... and such a sweet SLEEPER!!!!

I can't believe I have two teenagers now!

Sarah's thirteenth birthday was a quiet one.  Scott's mom (Nana) was in town, and we went to Tupelo for the afternoon.  First stop:  Tutti Fruitti for lunch!  Next, Hannah and I got dropped off at Kohl's to shop with gift cards while Kay, Sarah, Will, and Josh went to poke around the mall.  Sarah's friend met us in Tupelo, and then we all headed back to New Albany to top off the evening with the Yummy Delight China Buffet and then Duck Dynasty.

Pictures of her ordered Dr. Marten rain boots will be posted soon!

A giant re-cap post for the 1 or 2 people who actually read my blog is just not happening.  I'll get there one day.  Connecting my camera and uploading pictures to go along with blog posts might happen one day also.  But for now, I am going to try to at least post about things every few days so that I won't forget.  I can always go back and add photos later.

I really don't feel like our life is that interesting... outside the occasional incident of being locked in the chicken house or having a goat break a kitchen window over my head... I really don't have much to share with the blog reading public.  However, I truly like the idea of keeping an online diary (which can be read by relatives if they like) and then publishing it each year.

The goat story is a classic, though.  And the apron debacle.  But those are still too fresh.  Maybe next week.


Roan said...

Blog on! I blog about nothing on a regular basis! Ha!
You sound like me...wanting to clean your house while in labor. When I was at the dr. for a check up while pregnant with Leah, he told me to go to the hospital...she would be born pretty soon. I did get permission to go by the house and get my bags. I must have stayed there too long "tidying up and getting last minute things done" because the hospital CALLED ME to ask where i was? They were waiting to admit me! She was born not too long after I finally got to the hospital and settled in! :)

Kurt Strassner said...

Hi Heather. Thanks for the comment over at my place. And know that I am one of what us surely more than one or two readers of "the diary"! Keep writing ... especially about that goat!