Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More fun, random running camp pictures

The swimming pool wasn't ready, so we had some slip 'n slide fun to cool off one afternoon!

I think my Toppers had almost as much fun as my Spartans! (above: Hunter, Beth, Richard, Stephanie). (below: Martha, Leslie, Julie, Hannah, Olivia, Stephanie, Sarah, Danielle, Mercy, Noelle, Catherine, and AnnaBeth)

At the race on Saturday, one of the obstacles was a cattle gate across the trail... In fact, we had three. This was easy for the big people who could vault over, and it was easy for the little people who could go through the cracks, but it was not so easy for those in the middle who had to climb over!

The weather was perfect, and we were so thankful to NOT have a monsoon on our trails the night before the race!

Meanwhile, the fire truck was getting the mud pit nice and muddy!

For people to have fun... Like this!

Thankfully, they stayed around to clean us off... Like this!

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