Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chicken Killin'

Our meat birds were finally big enough to slaughter. We took them to the farm of some friends, so that we could butcher them in a sanitary, expedient fashion. I was so busy gutting chickens and cutting breasts that I forgot to take any pictures! Regardless, I had 44 chickens in my freezer by 1:00pm on the fourth of July!

Last week, Scott and the kids were able to go back and help our friends butcher their chickens! This time, he remembered to take pictures. If you've seen one dead chicken, you've seen another, so I thought would just post pictures from that day...because I know everyone wants to know how organic yard chickens are slaughtered....

First, they are shoved head first into these stainless cones. Their throats are cut and they are allowed to hang there and bleed out for a while.

Next, they go into the scalder (left) and plucker (right).

When they come through the little window to us, they look more like
a grocery store chicken... Especially after little Hallel cuts off their feet.

The people in the gutting line get footless chickens out of the ice buckets and go to work. This. Is. Gross. Guts. Are. Warm. Yuck.

After they are gutted, they are put into another ice bath to await packaging.

Finally, it's time to go cool off in the creek or channel while the grown ups finish up!

If you are cringing with disgust... Trust me...this is much more humane and sanitary than what the Tyson and Sanderson chickens experience!! (and they are oh so much more tasty!)


The Pitt's said...

I think you should have a *disclaimer* at the top of this post warning what you are about to read!

Aunt Gail said...

I agree with Hillary....I understand having the chickens for eggs, but to have them for dinner? It's like eating "Baby Red" - remember when we all put our forks down? Euwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Aunt Gail