Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sewing Camp

The boys had their week at Nana's house at the beginning of the summer. The girls got to take turns having individual weeks at Nana's house in order to work on sewing skills!

Hannah got the first turn (which is why she had to miss Ben's party), and Sarah got the second week. It is so nice to only be 51/2 hours away from Kay. Meeting in Meridian (halfway point) is not bad at all... much easier than the 12 hour distance we had to drive from Kentucky!
Hannah working on her first nightgown (above) and modeling her second (below)

Hannah made two nightgowns and worked on a skirt together with Kay. They also made a few trips to the beach and one trip to the BEAD SHACK, where they got to learn about beading.

Sarah was excited about sewing, although definitely more excited about going to Build a Bear with Nana and then going to Cafe Du Monde for dessert (I have no idea how to spell ben-yays). She finished one nightgown before we arrived to pick her up on our way to Florida.

Sarah working on and modeling her nightgown

What a way for our family to begin a vacation... a stop-over at Nana and Papa John's house! I don't know of anyone on the planet that can cook shrimp as well as John Guillot. There is nothing finer than a Shrimp Po Boy, dressed, and I mean nothing! (A shrimp po boy is a DELICIOUS sandwich made with chewy french bread, lots of fried shrimp, lettuce, tomato, and a little mayo.)

Just as an aside... dressed refers to the condiments on the sandwich. One time Hannah or Sarah requested a shrimp po boy, but asked if they could have theirs naked! :)

We enjoyed our evening with Kay and John, and then we hit the road early Friday morning. Dunnellon, Florida, the Mississippi Duleys are heading your way!


Julie's Journal said...

That sounds like fun! Olivia and I have sewn dresses with the help of our grandmother too!

Meal Planning with Connie said...


Your girls will always be so glad they learned to sew. My momma was a great seamstress, but I never had an interest when I was Hannah and Sarah's age. After I was older, I didn't have the patience to learn. Because I knew what neat sewing was suppose to look like, I was never please with my results.
Tell the girls I have a sweet, little friend here in Pontotoc who is doing some sewing this summer while she's not teaching school. She also knits - like you guys! They might want to take a look at some of Felecia's projects. Her blog is Lima Beans. There's a link on my blog.
I love the pics from Ben's birthday! You are so hospitable! I know everyone had a great time! Please say hello to everyone for me. I'm missing seeing all you guys! Tell Hannah and Sarah that M.C. would love for them to come for a visit - the boys, too!
Love to all!!!