Tuesday, December 9, 2014


My heart is overflowing with thanks.  This year we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving as a family of 7 DULEYS!!  

That's right, on the Friday before Thanksgiving, we went into Judge Mask's chambers and finalized our adoption of


Born June 19, 2012

Joined our family through foster care July 3, 2013

Officially a Duley November 21, 2014

Scott's mom's name is Kay, and my middle name is Leigh.  We decided to keep her name the same and change the spelling to make it a family name.  My grandmother's name was Irene, and that's where we got her middle name.  "Tootie's" name was actually Eula Irene Lark, but I was a grown up before I knew Eula was her real name.  I think she would have been offended if we had used that! :)  

Did you know that when you adopt a child, you receive a new birth certificate with your names on it, just like you were present at the birth.  In the eyes of the law, the past is completely wiped clean, and that child is YOURS.  Adoption gives a new start, a new family, and a whole new life.  What a spiritual parallel!  This year I have thought much of our adoption through Christ.  How thankful I am that our past is wiped clean and we are given new life through Him.  

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youngwife said...

Love this!!! Congratulations!! :) Family of 7 looks good on you'all!

Blessings in Him,