Thursday, July 12, 2012

This year the boys played another season of baseball for East Union's little league.  Josh played coach pitch, and he was coached by Scott and Coach McClellan (EU XC coach).  

His first game was somewhat of a disappointment.  He struck out all three times he came up to bat!  After the game, Scott stayed to pitch to him.  When our left-handed child walked up to bat as a left-hander (last season batted right-handed), he started smacking them into the outfield every time!  Something had happened over the last year, and now Josh was a left-handed power hitter!  

 Their team had a super successful season!  They ended up winning the county tournament and getting 1st place for the league!  Way to go L&W Fabricators, and thanks to Papa for sponsoring the team!

 Will played his second year of kid-pitch.  This year he was with a great group of boys, and he was coached by Coach Basil (EU baseball coach).  I was a little nervous about this, because last year was Will's first year to play, and Coach Basil can be a little intense.  Thankfully, this was the best thing that could have happened to him... Coach Basil is an excellent teacher, and he spent a great deal of time actually teaching fundamental things, rather than just expecting them to know what was going on.  

This year he moved up from right field to center field, and he did a great job of backing up the second baseman when people were stealing.

 Last year he got two hits all season.  This year was SO MUCH BETTER!  He got at least one hit, sometimes two or three, every game!
 His team ended up winning the county league tournament and getting second place in their league!  Way to go Power Equipment!

Below:  Will with Coach Basil and with his tournament and league trophies!  

 The county tournament championship games were on the same night at different places.  I was with Will, since Scott was coaching Josh, and Kay was in town and went with Scott and Josh!  Afterwards we all met up at George's for burgers and shakes.  Here's Scott with his two baseball players!

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