Monday, December 20, 2010

Josh is 7!

On October 27, Josh got to wake up shouting, "It's my birthday!!" I can't believe my baby is seven now! The girls had the kitchen all decorated for him, and we let him open presents first thing. We got him a Kung Zu (small motorized hamster) with battle armor!

Later in the day, several buddies from church came to spend the afternoon playing a game called Dimenion Splash. It is a game made up by one of the young men in our church.... The inventor, John David, has figured out a way to control all of the boys in the church... He is the game master, and his little minions do his bidding in this game!

Hannah made Josh his cake. It was a "How to Train Your Dragon" dessert made of a brownie, pudding, and Reeses' cups and Oreos to look like rocks.

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