Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catching Up

I can NOT believe how long it has been since I've posted on this blog!! Everything in the next few posts will be very old news, but I like to keep my blog as sort of an online scrapbook...

At the end of the summer, my mom and sister came to help with some projects... I love the cottage look, but somehow or another my house was full of dark furniture! Our solution: paint just about everything downstairs! We started with painting and distressing my dining room table and china cabinet.
Next, we moved on to the black built in cabinet in our eating area. I know that the black is more trendy, but I just really like bright and colorful... SO... it took several coats, but we painted it white. We changed the background to blue, and also painted my kitchen chairs to match. Finally, we painted the bead board under the bar white and the pie safe green. I love the new look! It may sound garish to some of my more subdued friends, but, well, I think Mi Pueblo is beautiful! :)

The day my mom and sister were helping me finish up stuff, I got a phone call from Scott asking if I'd like some tomatoes to can. Sounded good to me, so I said, "Sure!" When he arrived home, box after box of tomatoes appeared in my kitchen. His reasoning: well, we got a good deal if I bought ALL 130 POUNDS!!!! Yikes! To his credit, he had NO idea how much work canning tomatoes is!

Now, we have a pantry full of chili tomatoes, salsa, and mexican tomatoes! How nice for this winter!
Right before school started, the girls got to do two more exciting things. First, we took a van load of girls to my mom's house for a "Math Party!" This was not a slumber party to work on multiplication... it was a party to celebrate Sarah's monumental math achievement... for the first time since first grade she is caught up in math!! We ordered pizza, swam, and stayed up late watching movies.

Next, we got to have "Chocolate Class" with Sydney! Sydney spent the previous semester in Italy taking culinary classes. The girls had been dying to learn some of her tricks, so she brought ingredients and taught us some Italian chocolate secrets!

YUM! The finished product!


Anita said...

Love the new look in your dining and eating areas! We are renovating around here as well. Need to do some paint touchups in the boys' bathroom and it will be finished. Then we move on to the kitchen, girls' bathroom and then painting all of the bare wood in the house. So ready for a new look! Oh, I am painting some furniture too, but we are going black with some reddish undertones!!

Gurtrude said...

Wow! I love the "cottage look"! It's REALLY cute.

Oooooh, I'm so jealous! I need to take the "chocolate class"