Friday, June 5, 2009

Boys at Nana's

After Sarah's recital , the boys went home with Scott's mom. She just emailed me some pictures from their visit...They went to an Insectarium one day in New Orleans. I have been tortured with descriptions of cockroaches! The boys loved seeing all of the different bugs... Will was very quick to point out that it is not only insects, there are many arachnids also... There is a cafeteria where the boys got to try cricket dip, and my mother-in-law actually tried fried meal worms!!! What a grandmother!

I suppose that the bug treats didn't hit the spot, because they did make a trip to Cafe Du Monde while they were in New Orleans. Josh is enjoying his, and Will is proving them to be, "finger licking good!"
They also went to the beach several times and visited the Stennis Space center. Here are the boys in front of a rocket...
The boys had a great time; they only called once, I think! The girls are going to take their turns individually later in June. They will not be doing as much sight seeing, however. They are going to take their sewing machine and have "Sewing Camp with Nana!" They are both looking forward to some individual time with her and Papa John.


Miekie said...

It sounds as if they are having a great summer! I love all the pictures on your blog - especially the ones of Sarah's ballet! Enjoy your summer!

Meal Planning with Connie said...

I love all the pictures!!
It looks like you guys are having a great summer and building many great memories!! Hugs to the kids for me!!